Calc_Temp, a pragmatic Cellular automata classifier

Query grammar: Every query takes appx. 0.75-1.0 min to process


The query is in the format "{rule intepretator}_{rule string}"
Rule intepretor: "2dntca"
Rule string:"322017040a86573465f4446d50"

Rule family specify how the simulator should intepret the recevied rule string. The 2dntca (2D non-totalistic Cellular Automata) intepretator receive a 26-bit hexadecimal string, and decodes it into a 104-bit binary string. The last 102 bits are used to specify a projection from the 102 possible local configurations (as defined by Hensel's dictionary) into the binary state space.

Hensel dictionary, notice there are 49 configurations listed, with 2 omitted (for 0 and for 8). (49+2)*2=102.

LifeViewer Simulator:

A light-weight javascript applet that emulates a CA. Click right arrow ("play") to start the simulation, you should see complex dynamics on a checkerboard background. The plugin is developed by Chris Rowett
The observed dynamics correspond to 2dntca_0781dacd5bd3d20501ce483466