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Learning C and Golang: reconfirmed some of my assumptions and gave me some questions.

[TBC]Learning nim maybe at some point.


The incompatibility 拮抗,不可兼得

The incompatitablity means the two underlying entities cannot coexist with each other, This can be thought to dervie some implicit conservation law. For example, the amount of your money is conserved, hence you can not buy a LG-gram-15 AND a Sufacebook 2, meaning these two choices are incompatible with each other. You cannot indulge and be disciplined at the same time because the two are incompatible. You cannot be a male and a female at the same time because most of humans only have one set of sex organs.

The incompatibility is often a useful entrypoint to dissect problems. Many many problems can be boiled down to the incompatibility due to time, space, money, placeholder of some underlying prototypes. On the immunology level, you cannot mix blood type A and blood type B or you will kill your patient. Examples are everywhere, and incompatibilty can be thought as a universal loss function to validate someone’s model. For example, if a picture is a cat, it must not be a dog, which means incompatibility is fundamental to categorical encoding. In academia, it is also useful to establish incompatibility classes, to create compartments and partitions.

Exploration or exploitation

Exploration feels rather different from exploitation. When I was writing luckmake I was really delighted when the syntax became simpler. However when learning golang or hugo, I am very much doubting why a such ugly syntax would be used and why it would not work not for me. I can feel the internal reluctance to unfamiliar things/strangers as they are shouting in my brain.

Learning a language can be split into Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading and Writing, regarless of whether it is a programming language or a natural language. Learning a language with a good tutorial would be a great pain, but with a good intro the pain will be much less.

Indulging or Discipline

Indulging is fun: sleep when you can, eat when you can. We humans have a nature to desire, and to fulfill our desire. However if the conscious never says NO to any desire request, then we call it indulging. If the conscious always says NO to any desire request, then we call it discipline. Be Direct could be useful

Direct could mean different things in different context. In coding, this means to boil down the problem to its core, and selecting the simplest path to achieve it given the current situation. Note that trying to be direct sometime means to be exploitative and not explorative.


Expedition is not about exploiting the joystick that you are always playing, but expedition also needs a map. A good map would help you identify the landmarks and reorient yourself. If you dont have a map, at least use a compass, or some star or some clock. In this sense, modern human is no different from our ancient relatives when expediting. Sometimes you just dont have a good map, because that’s the result of the whole journey.

The Unknown

Calling an function with None has some important usage in Python, and is used to invoke the default built-in route in many codes. The default reaction to unknown could be a universal attritbue to watch for for any entity that has a memory. Humans treat unknowns differently: we could sware, could panic, could explore, could be hostile, could be friendly. In different times, the Chinese authority has treated the unknown differently.

Probing the (existence of) truth:

If you know str.upper would return a upper-cased string, then you know a such method exists. If you don’t know whether a method that transforms the lowercase string to uppercase string, you would have to lookup the documentation for it. In reality, you do not always have a documentation to read, and if something is not documented, you would have no way to detect the truth unless you try it yourself.


I dont know much about the plague because I am not within the healthcare system or the facemask producer company. All my knowledge is second-handed and transmitted through the internet. I know some good repositories exist but forced to deleted at some point. It makes me pounder, about how people forgot about wars and disasters over time. Is it because the human society only has a limited amount of memory? America seems to be suffering quite heavily, but who knows whats the real story.